What is CBD?

Check out our CBD-specific info here.

Can CBD make me high?

No. CBD is the non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant. You will not get high. Everyone’s reaction to CBD is quite different, but we think you are most likely to feel a sense of “chill”, like a warm or hug of Gibson’s Goodology!

What is the recommended dosage of CBD?

The FSA recommends consumption not to exceed 70mg per day. Each 250ml serving of Gibson’s Goodology contains 25mg CBD (which is the highest, most effective dose we know of in the marketplace).

What’s with the name?!

Gibson is a homage to our founder. Goodology is our fundamental belief in the power of human goodness and positivity. Basically, he was our inspo, but the brand name represents everyone, because we believe there's Goodology in us all!

What flavours have you got?

The most delicious drinks you can imagine and more to come!

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