Our Drinks

There are three flavour variants:


Green Tea and Passion Fruit

Earthy green tea with tropical passion fruit and notes of pineapple, strawberry and rose.

Shiso Tea and Blueberry

Grassy, nutty and zesty shiso with a clear blueberry finish.

Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb

Floral and fragrant jasmine with a gentle rhubarb finish.


All our drinks are made with just 5 natural ingredients: tea, fruit, agave, lemon juice and 25mg water soluble CBD. This is the highest serve dosage we know of in the UK.

They are a delightful balance of high quality tea flavours and natural fruit juices, with no CBD aftertaste.

All our products are triple-lab tested for the highest CBD quality, are Food Standards Agency regulations compliant, and contain only CBD.

Our drinks are the ideal alternative to sugary sodas, high caffeine energy drinks, or even alcoholic cocktails – a huge versatility of use.



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